Movie Thread


Hey @bdd have you seen Venom


it sucked lmao


i did not and don’t plan to at the moment.


It’s The Mask but somehow less dark and less funny?


better or worse tom hardy performance than shinzon in star trek?


Tom Hardy is the best part


Why does Hellboy have a tiny-face?


Why does he have a tiny hand


He looks like Glenn Danzig spent too much time at the beach


i haven’t even gotten to the movie part and this one is making me laugh. i don’t know if it’s just rich bein over the gimmick or what.


don’t know why i’m surprised mike is a packer’s fan. truly understanding why he drinks now.


Jay’s cat is the cutest.


That last movie broke Mike



Got a sci-fi itch. Was gonna rent Dune but I watched the trailer and it looked /questionable/. Is it awful? Is it a cultural thing that I should suffer through?

Saw Babylon 5 was free with Prime, so I’m watching that so I don’t re-watch DS9.


Dune was cool in 1992 when I watch it. Dont know about 2019 tho.


1984 David Lynch Dune?

That’s a treat and you owe it to yourself to watch it


That is the one. I’ll watch it this weekend.

Babylon 5 is pretty bad so far, but I’ve read it “gets better” so I’ll see if I can slog through the first season.


bet you a dollar it doesn’t get better


I watched Bandersnatch last night. It was good.