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Just watched TLJ … I read so many bad revues that I found it entertaining, silly but ok.


4 out of five stars I give Blade runner. Really good, a bit long if I have anything negative to say.


TLJ was a nice, pretty space opera and almost all of the complaints here are dumb nerdshit

Star Wars has always been incoherent as science fiction. All of its best parts are in service to melodrama, swashbuckling, and impressive space explosions.


I did enjoy the scenes where centrist champion Kylo Ren was able to make empassioned points that BOTH sides have merit


You mean that both sides suck equally


I want to watch new Bladerunner, but none of my sources have a decent quality option.


I didn’t realize bad pacing, meaningless side plots amounting to nothing, and horribly misplaced comedy were “nerd shit.”


Spoilers ahead.

Like, the praise TLJ receives mostly has to do with the way it looks (no arguments there) or the fact that it “subverted” Star Wars. The latter point is nonsense. The movie subverted expectations insofar as every fifteen minutes the plot thread we had been following abruptly ended and a replacement slid awkwardly into its place. But the overall movement of the film is not subversive at all.

At the beginning of the film, a small group of rebels is running from the evil empire, who massively outnumbers them and there are two force users on either. At the end of the film. a small group of rebels is running from the evil empire, who massively outnumbers them, and there’s one force user on either side.

Much like the Leia Poppins scene, we went through an awful lot of bother to end up right back where we started.


I was wrong. There is one comedy scene that works flawlessly.

When Rose knocks Finn out of the way and averts his attempted sacrifice. And afterward she says, “We won’t win destroying the things we hate but saving the things we love.” As the giant death lasers is currently boring its way into all of her friends.

That was comedy perfection, imo.


The entire casino subplot could have been cut and no one would notice


No, it is vital that our heroes travel there so the question of arms dealing and the military-industrial complex can be raised, then abandoned, and never brought up again.


Right? I was thinking, hey, there’s a class critique buried somewhere in here, but no.


Iptorrents had a 4K rip


It wasn’t perfect but you are huffing the RLM jenk too hard here.



After the terrible Matthew Broderick Godzilla, I had to remind someone that there have been 30 some Godzilla movies and only two of which could be considered “good”.

It has been 37 years since the last good Star Wars movie. I think they are allowed to be not good at this point.


My thought while walking home from the theater was, “I think I hated it.” This was days before Mike and Jay and Rich kindly told me what I think.


lol ok mr film critic


I thought it was fun

I didn’t even mind the casino bit and the whole hamfisted we gotta LOVE not hate stuff

To me the worst bit was Kylo, as a character he just doesn’t work


Adam Driver wasn’t bad, he was just the only person on screen taking his role seriously. Everybody else was phoning it in or being goofballs.

He’s not good enough that he can force people to act opposite him (Michael Caine f.ex) but his performance was pretty wildly improved compared to Force Awakens.

Also yeah the centrist plot thread that could have pushed the film into interesting territory was abandoned like those mongoloid horses.