Movie Thread


first season of most sci-fi is pretty bad

Babylon 5 initially is annoying as it is appears episodic like OG Star Trek, but season 3 rolls around and you find that it was not episodic at all.


babylon 5 is the best star trek


i will never stop evangelizing babylon 5


I saw Death of Stalin over Xmas. Movie was bloody fantastic. One of the funniest films I’ve seen in a long time.


this is good because mike and rich are very funny together


it was my favorite movie of 2018


It got some solid smirks out of me, but I watched the trailer beforehand because I was too lazy to read an IMDB page. It kind of ruined the experience for me.


I really enjoyed it too.


Jason Isaacs as yardie Zhukov was sublime.


If your movie doesn’t trigger veterans’ PTSD, then you haven’t filmed a realistic war movie. I’m looking at you, 300.



My face is pretty scrunched up right now.


i hate this but also love it


Tfw no new Blade movies :smith:




Watched Dune last night. Was surprised at a lot of the gross-out stuff around Baron H and Guild Navigator. Obvi the plot made no sense being so condensed and no character had any personality, much less had it developed.

Hoping the new one is good tho lol


I’m stoked to see Dave Bautista as (? Possibly Duncan Idaho ?) but otherwise I’m not terribly optimistic

Not that Lynch Dune was a perfect film by any stretch but as a study of practical fx in the pre-CGI era it holds up pretty well


I watched Solo. It was very meh. The dude didn’t do a bad job as Han Solo. Donald Glover as Lando was sadly not good. I can’t really say anything too substantive about the film, because I’ve already forgotten almost everything in it. Which I suppose says it all, really.

They wanted to make a Han Solo movie. Should be an easy big hit, right?

Would that it were so simple.


Listen it has Sting in a Speedo, what more do you want or need


It gave us one of the defining trance anthems of the mid to late 90s. So there’s that.