Movie Thread


Yeah well you only like it because other people hate it and you just have to be different.


i liked it and think there’s plenty of criticism of the pacing/plot that is 100% valid but i think it can be overlooked because it’s a fucking star wars movie. it’s not citizen kane. it’s always going to be the lowest common denominator of sci-fi movie.


also i have a 1080 copy of blade runner i need to watch soon


Nah TLJ was hot trash

Rogue one is the best new one


This guy looked up SW:ESB reviews and found, not surprisingly, critics largely hated it


I love adam driver


When I checked a couple days ago there was nothing but 720p rips and low-bitrate “1080p” trash.
I’ll check again tonight.


Also one of the only things I liked about TLJ was Kylo Ren.


stealing movies


If you didn’t see Blade Runner in the cinema you missed out


sure did, but there are a lot of benefits to watching it alone in my room.
like I don’t have to listen to the constant rustle of popcorn and plastic, or people coughing, or people talking, or kids, or the smell of bo. and I don’t have to pay 20 dollarydoos for a ticket.
That said, nothing quite tops bigscreens with bigsound.


yeah after seeing star wars in theaters i kind of realize that blade runner on my monitor is doing myself a disservice.


it was good on my home theater though


i guess this is my weekend where i don’t play any video games and just watch a bunch of movies and catch up on tv shows


i basically want to watch every movie mentioned here. can’t wait for part 2.


im dying


china girl
TYOOL 2018


How can a man who wears pants that go up to his nipples be a badass :thinking:


Rian Johnson is replaced by Mike Stoklasa, Rich Evans, and Jay Bauman.


The more I realize how much The Last Jedi was trolling the fan base, the more I like it as a film.