Movie Thread


“This is not going to go the way you think.”

I mean they even told you in the trailers.


that’s exactly why i like it so much.


I end up in the middle. (Centrism strikes back.) I thought the movie didn’t work as a film, but I love angry Star Wars nerds.


horseshoe theory right here


Pounded in the Death Star by my own liberalism.


The only thing you need to see from the last jedi




not trap enough


finally watching the new blade runner. i’m only an hour in and it already might be my GOAT movie.


yeah this was nearly goat for me. holy shit. someone implant their memories of seeing this in theaters in me because i really fucked up.


you’re not the only one

Give it nineteen years and go see the remastered directors cut re-release.


Also my wife hated it, cementing her status of “bad opinion haver” in our house.


Best of 2017 for me. Easily. I might actually prefer it to the original, heretical though I know that would be.


it’s not because i feel the exact same way.


i am so happy with the way they wrapped it up.


There are so many brilliant parts of the movie (everything in it really; even stupid Jared Leto was great) but goddamn the music was so fucking on point. The way the old themes showed up as motifs was sick. When “Tears in the Rain” finally showed up, I got a little misty eyed.


I am not going to go that far.

He was the most incomprehensible parts of the movie.


He was playing a self-absorbed douche with a messiah complex.

Leto was inspired casting.


Hey, I resemble that comment. I feel outed.


just signed up for moviepass!!

anyone used this before?