Movie Thread


It’s good


Watching old flicks these days.
Interview a vampire ages well, I liked it. Brad and Tom act surprisingly good.
Dune is a bit dated but holds up well. Weird but everything fits the characters, I would not expect anything less from David Lynch.


Watched blade runner

It was cool


Saw Last Jedi. It was amazing. My only critiques are the crigeworthy acting parts - pink haired ladies intro, red headed dude, Finns woman took a bit to get comfortable. That and the needless ruin-the-moment with a joke stuff: put a shirt on was the most obvious one.

Catering to the 5 second attention span millennial culture that needs awkward heroes they can connect with.


I’m glad Luke and Snoke bit it. The contrast between Kylo and Ren is about the only original good evil battle there but hey, its something


At the risk of restarting a Last Jedi thread: The film did better than TFW in terms of character development, especially with Kylo Ren/Ben Swolo, who felt more like a real person than just an angsty teen.

The film had issues with its meandering plot, but I think it’s better when a Star Wars film sets out to do more than expected and falls short than doing exactly what is expected.


as the risk of beating this horse more, it’s literally just empire in terms of fan reaction. everyone stroked their dicks for so long over their fantasies when they finally got in bed with the porn star the fantasy fell apart.

i watched dr. strange tonight finally. that and ragnarok are the only two i haven’t seen. it’s a pretty by the numbers marvel movie. visuals are definitely fucking wild and it makes me really excited to see what kind of shit they push for the next movie. strange has some GREAT stuff to work with. biggest criticism i have is that cucumber patch is the worst part of the movie. his american accent is weak.

i’m watching ragnarok right now. i’ll hit this thread up again when i finish.


ragnarok was pretty fun. it’s not iron man 1 or winter soldier tier but it’s definitely one of the best marvel movies. bogs down a bit in the middle for me but it did the job of getting me even more hyped for infinity war.



Leak of Marvel’s next project:


Yeah I was super impressed how they managed to make Dr. Strange look like the source material I used to read when I was 11 (which was some time ago.)


pretty much every movie i’m watching now has me thinking “could this work without the lead being a WHITE MALE?” (answer: it can) guys am i woke?


Never seen Harry Potter, going to marathon watch it tonight. Always thought it was for children, meh have nothing else to do. Will comment on it after the watching.


Azkaban is the best of the series, she started writing for the movies from Goblet onwards and it turned into grimdark wizard war from there.


The content also gets way more adult-oriented as the series progresses, but I’m saying this as somebody who has only seen the first and the last two films.


yeah i wanted to see harry and hermonie FUCK. you know that bespectacled nerd wanted to bust a nust in some werewolf puss or something with all horomones flying around.


I mean we do get Ron watching an illusion of Harry and Hermoine making that beast with two backs off-screen, that’s about as PG-13 as the movies get


I am on the half prince now, taking a small break. The scenes are very good, everything looks old and used. The manuscript is mediocre at best, and frankly I was bored most of time. Sound mixing was sub par as well. Not a pip from the back speakers half the movie. Compared to lord of the ring, the back speaker was playing sinfonies and all kinds of mood music 90% of the time. Safe for young children I guess.


I might have been to hard on Harry Potter. Should have spread out the movies over a few days insted of a marathon of all the shit. Was getting bored by just watching to much tv. Was expecting somehow more action. The last 2 were the best imho.

Still, not in the same league as Lord of the rings and the Hobbit.


Startrek Discovery on netflix is a nice little space show. Its in 1080p not 4 k and it shows on my TCL tv Cheap no hdr or dolby. But still a excellent screen. With the right input its very good. But yea startrek was bit grainy and with dull colors. I switched to my LG one 1 hour ago and started watching it and holy crap. Its in Dolby vision, no grainyness, crystal clear and vibrant colors. Why they decided to shoot a new show not in 4 k is strange. First time I have seen a 1080p Dolby, its always been 4k dolby. Its impressive the change.