Movie Thread


I am not a fan of Discovery


I am just happy there some space show going on. I was spoiled with so many in my youth.


If you want good space show, watch The Expanse. Fuck STD.



The only way that acronym could be more fitting is if it were STOP amirite


Will check it out.


if u guys could get off mike stoklasa’s dick for a couple hours and watch past the first 2 episodes of discovery they pay off the beginning bad start really fittingly


ree every star trek first season is a slow burn


him and rich actually predicted the BIG SPOILER INCOMING STOP READING HERE: mirror universe twist. i haven’t watched the show and have no desire to regardless. i just watch anything with them talking trek.


the fact that they predicted that twist makes discovery redeemed in my eyes


I’m not going to watch the show, so just tell me the spoiler. They were in the mirror universe the whole time? Does the show remain in the mirror universe or are they like rebooting shit halfway through season 1?

Also get it right. Jay Bauman is my waifu. Mike is just a friend.


here’s the spoiler in a one-liner from another blog

Lorca as we know him was revealed as the Lorca from the Mirror Universe who was using Discovery’s spore drive to get back to his own galaxy and stage a coup against the Emperor of the Terran Empire, who turned out to be… Georgiou!


as soon as theyre rid of lorca it starts to feel like real trek. captain dangernoodles talks to his bridge crew about the plan, cadet tilly runs some simulations and spews technobabble, then they cut right to warp speed and fire photons and blow up the charon. its pretty simplistic but overall i found it entertaining

all i would like out of season 2 is the classic “learning to be human” trope like spock, data, odo, seven, tpol

i feel like its pretty important that star trek has that character

if it ends up being michelle yeoh i’d be so happy, she’s a great actress and was criminally unutilized in season one (except for the last batch of episodes where she’s utilized perfectly)


also i was really hoping they would overshoot the trip back to normal universe by 200 years and end up in a post dominion alpha quadrant complete with cardassians and ferengi and admiral janeway on the horn bitching about the temporal prime directive

but as our midwestern movie critic thought overlords have already made great points about, they arent making trek for the ds9 fans anymore. this is a high budget peak-television game of thrones in space

which is also fine, i think

we’ll see


yeah but your ideas sound more interesting to me than watching another GOT ripoff in space


theres even a fucking moon door scene


I think if the Dune move is GOT in space I can get behind it


dune is honestly super different than just GOT in space

magic/spice is so central to the dune story. and it’s a lot harder to do than lmao dragons/zombies


If it’s a shot for shot remake of the 1984 one that’d be amazing too


This makes me irrationally angry.

Ingen make him stop.


Dune is honestly too much for just one movie. I cant really imagine it working without stripping out a ton of stuff or just making it 4 hours long