Movie Thread


I’m surprised that they’re not making it into a Netflix or HBO miniseries for this reason


TBF 3 hour long movies are becoming more and more acceptable. it’s clear they don’t DO as well as the standard hour and thirty minutes but there’s definitely market AND appreciation for a well crafted film.


Taking one book and turning it into 2-3 movies is pretty doable though. Not sure Dune is that book though.


As far as fitting the plot in (let’s leave production budget for another discussion) the SciFi miniseries of Dune did well. 3.5 theatrical with a 4.5 hour extended cut and you could manage. Obviously, 10 hours on HBO or another premium channel would be the better format.

I am fine with Dune as GOT in space so long as its bullshit we’re telling a producer to get funding. Dune has politics and backstabbing, yeah, but the heart of the book is decidedly elsewhere. Not a lot of Jungian trips in GOT.


branching off topic to say that the new rlm han solo video is VERY COOL


they still have empty space on the wall



Altered carbon is a bladerunner/total recall ish kinda show. Very well made world and the characters fit in nicely. Dolby vision makes it stunning to watch.

In my insomnia I watched Bright, fast forwarded through the first part, silly movie.

The AO is really bad, creepy, weird. Sometimes so odd that I could not believe my eyes. Like in the final episode when they started dancing some magical dance to calm the school shooter down…


yeah i can’t wait till i watch altered carbon


I like altered carbon so far. (1 ep in)


Turns out we are getting GoT in space after all!


"Star Wars has become a living nightmare that you can never wake up from until you’re dead and even then I can’t guarantee it. "

– Harry S. Plinkett

----- Mike Stoklasa


I dunno, I have confidence in those two. If anyone can drive Star Wars into the ground once and for all it’s them.


Will exist outside all original and Rian Johnson trilogies

So not including The Force Awakens?


I think original means the numbered episodes, 1 through 9 (and whatever future additions may come). By Rian Johnson trilogy, they mean the new trilogy Johnson was given after completing The Last Jedi. He’s working on a brand new trilogy now, apparently.


Fuck trilogies tho

Why not standalone Star Wars adventures with rando smugglers or bounty hunters (e: solo doesn’t count as rando)

Where’s my Boba Fett movie ffs


I want a daytime soap opera set in the old republic. I will settle for nothing less.


The Real Housewives of Naboo


the first couple of seasons are GOT are almost straight off the page. they’re legit good tv.


so they’re like zach snyder’s watchmen

if the source material is good and you basically storyboard based on the books then of course its gonna be good


lmao no.