Movie Thread


They’re a great adaptation. Watchman sticks so close to the source it ends up boring as sin. GOT makes enough adjustment as the medium change requires but others has a lot of fidelity.

Bit weird for D&D to get a Star Wars trilogy, then, since GOT has nose dived hard as they passed GRRM up and ended up on their own.


most recent season is hot garbage

game of teleporting armies and throwaway motivations


Game of Bangin Your Aunt more like


rian johnson is getting a whole trilogy? in addition to D&D? whaaaat? when are those even happening

god they really are doing star wars forever


i wrote a big thing and then deleted it. snyder is hack. comparing the GOT show to watchmen movie is dumb. early seasons of GOT are objectively good adaptations that use the source material in tandem with phenomenal casting. GOTs recent downfalls are:

  • a budget that continues to inflate, (thanks to the series continually evolving setpieces)
    -actors who don’t want their entire year locked down for filming on top of an iceberg in assend nowhere
    -packing 10+ episodes of content in 7 or 8
    -george not being able to finish the series in a reasonable time frame

watchmen is almost a 1:1 recreation of the comic that understands none of the source material. snyder wouldn’t understand subtext, and even CONTEXT, if he looked them up in the dictionary. his entire thought process is “oh people like rorschach because he’s EDGY and COOL and he says QUOTABLE LINES.”


i don’t understand the “teleporting armies” criticism. sorry it’s weak AF. if you want to see an hour of armor clad dorks clinking around on a dirt road cool i guess. i’ll even concede that the show does a poor job of showing the passage of time but i feel like there are better examples when it comes to critiquing the writing/story boarding than “there aren’t enough aerial shots of 5000 people walking around aimlessly.”


im not asking for dudes walking forever

i just think that there are better ways to convey the passage of time than to ignore it completely




Knew it would be shit as soon as the SONY logo hit the screen but man expectations >>>> reality


Oh Tom Hardy… what were you thinking?


probably thinking its an easy 3 week shoot and a fat sony paycheck


It’s that bad huh?


I mean let’s make a checklist of shitty movie trailer tropes

:white_check_mark: dead friend revenge plot
:white_check_mark: old gf redemption plot
:white_check_mark: motorcycle chase with cars inexplicably flying everywhere plot
:white_check_mark: SONY
:white_check_mark: no visuals of the hero/villain to foster anticipation because the film has no legs to stand on


Kind of all you need to know.




That’s all I really wanted to see. Commando Venom or Eddie Brock or ???


My thought on this is that their focus groups didn’t like the Venom costume/render

Which is pretty telling for a production company that does like 90% green screen CGI


Saw The Shape of Water, would see again


yeah but the real question is did you jack off to it?


Like five or six times my duder