Movie Thread


The Expanse is a very good show. No magic warp drives, very good cgi and the actors fit in nicely.


I am a sucker for space shows.


the shape of water review: the monster DUMB thicc/10


Watched new Mad max, torrented in 4k 5.1 dts 55gigs. Really good flick. Sound mixing excellent.

Also watched The long good Friday from 1980, not bad, British gangsta flick. Its on youtube.


Most movies use Dolby but you see a dts one from time to time, both very good formats.


black panther was ok




did you see it or are you memeing me? I haven’t seen a lot of marvel movies in theaters so I didn’t really know what to expect. my buddy has seen a lot though and he loved it

he even went as far as to say that it was as good as/better than the shape of water. that’s wrong


Nah I saw it yesterday afternoon and I really enjoyed it. Basically it exactly what I wanted it to be.

Black Panther is doing the punch mans and the supporting cast is saving the day. Top 5 marvel movies imo.


don’t know where to put this since we don’t have a specific TV thread but now that season 1 is over did any of you watch this all the way through? mike and rich seem to be kind of on board with it and want to see what happens with season 2.


I dutifully watched Mike & Rich talk about STD. Had no interest in it myself.


the post - decent movie

meryl streep is a wonderful actress as usual. tom hanks leaves something to desire. spielberg is ok but overbearing


I haven’t enjoyed a Spielberg movie since Schindler’s List.


i liked super 8


Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, Munich were all pretty good


His movies are fun.

Also, Saving Private Ryan.


having seen most of the Oscar nominations for best picture I’d say the post is the worst


blade runner should be on that list instead of the post


this. the post was shit and oscar bait at best, so mission accomplished?


The joke was that I derived enjoyment from Schindler’s List.