New forums, new release of PUBG, new thread


It’s better than before, but still full of a lot of the same performance bugs and client side hit detection. At least there’s vaulting now.


vaulting is pro


seems like the new map is slower to loot, since there are more doors and more places to go to find loot.

where are the good spots to drop other than stadium? it seemed like i could find many kar98s on the test server and now i haven’t seen one in a few days (aside from getting shot in the face by them)



nice, i figured the military camp would be a high gun spawn too but i guess not


Its a shame they can’t figure out how to not have the shittiest friends list in the history of video games. For fucks sakes, i had an easier time installing hamachi and joining lan games like starcraft than trying to decode the mystery that is this fucking friends system bullshit right now.


My favorite is medea always shows offline even when he’s readied up in squad.


So this game somehow runs worse on my pc than it did in like, may/June. I know my pc is garbage and all but still. Fuck bluehole


Had the opposite, I actually managed to turn things up and the framerate didn’t tank, runs 100+ easily.

Now they just need to fix shooting mechanics so that it actually fucking works.


if you are reading this you are shit at this game






tfw you kill 3 people at mansion and then die to bridge trolls


Tfw baddies blame their deaths on evil Chinese hackers


All the Chinese squads I’ve been in have been exceedingly nice if you make an effort to talk to them

Dudes giving me weapons and silencers like nothing


lmao i love all the reddit crying about chinese players. it’s beautiful to see like 3 threads with people blubbering about wanting region lock. maybe if you had some fucking friends you basement dwelling neckbeard you wouldn’t have to random squad with international players.


chinese only hack in third person mode lmao


as if artificially inflating our housing prices wasn’t enough for them


I must be lucky top 1% of tpp with plenty of games played and I think I’ve encountered 1 cheater the last 100 hrs.

It’s funny though when you ask for replays from the people complaining they seem to get pretty defensive :thinking:


What, you mean you don’t just trust people on the internet automatically?