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I think I’ve seen like 1-2 cheaters in FPP, one was a headshot with the shotgun from 100 yd on 2 members of a squad and then a guy getting consistent headshots with the 1912 on multiple people that was super twitchy on the replay.


If I looked at replays more I might be more suspicious.

Not see too bad of a problem though. It would be funny if they didn’t have any VAC running though.


They use battleeye not vac lol


this game doesnt have enough voxel graphics and crafting systems


I got this.

First game I camped in a house and oneshotted someone with a shotgun. Later got shot by a sniper. #30

Second game I uh. I died “from falling” cause I flipped the shit out of my bike.

I think I might be bad.

Also who the fuck binds crouch to C


this is everyone’s experience all the time


This week on reddit:

Liberal redditors cheer on china as they send cheaters to actual jail for cheating in a video game. When questioned if cheating in a video game is really something that deserves jail time they said fuck them as they ruin our gaming time.



I saw that last night and frankly you can tell that it is an Asian game company because they don’t realize how bad of a PR step that actually is.

The difference between someone cracking a bank, and someone hacking a game is really not very much. Yet everyone knows you don’t send the DHS after the 15 y/o aim-botting in CS:GO.

Let’s be honest here about reddit and China. That place is pretty much the poster child for the anarcho-capitalist state held up as the ideal by a lot of posters there.


Top 4% worldwide squads woo


i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE every day that i look at the pubg subreddit there’s two or three top threads full of people going “BLUEHOLE DOESN’T CARE THIS GAME IS DEAD REEEE CHEATERS”.


“winning with 1 kill between the squad” sums up zulu pubg pretty well


Updated leetcheese, BDD & ocrum dota jpg looking good.


Reddit is just a bunch of man children numales who would execute people who ruin their precious games if they could.


reported 1 trick
reported off meta
reported techie picker
reported called me a mean name

edit: downvotes, really?





slowly getting better at this game

got two 2nd place finishes :upside_down_face:

i really wish there was a practice mode so i could practice with snipers that aren’t the kar98

also not playing like a bitch has made me really good at close quarters shooting. it helps that people are fucking bad at shooting in this game


people are probably shit at shooting because this game rewards you for looking down, which is the opposite of what you should do in any fps.

always keep the cross hairs wherever a head would be when walking


heads and entryways is the #1 thing imo


There is less bullet drop than you think probably