New forums, new release of PUBG, new thread


too bad every time i want to play this dumb fucking game it doesn’t work


i’m laffin


That isn’t what I expected, and I am glad of it.



china consistently proves to be #1


Played first game in about 2 weeks. I understand why no one is playing it right now.

Making the inventory and UI even worse than before is a bold choice.


what changed?


tab inventory changed, there is two modes now, one old style and one useless version where the mouse peek mode is always on ???

my mouse cursor kept refreshing to the top left of the screen all the time.

Console button labels in the PC version.

all in all a really good patch


so is this going to be the fortnite thread now or


nah i don’t play fortnite


this is what we needed, not making the servers not shit


Hey you know what would make PUBG better? If you had to do everything with just your thumbs


U wanna see what I can do with my thumbs bb?




me but pubg


10 man Pubg event is tomorrow night. Any interest in roping in everyone for it?


sounds like this is a DED GAME


but if it happens and you can stand carrying my useless dead weight then hmu on irc




too little too late