Nova Empire: Mobile Insufficient Crystal Space Simulator


So I’ve started and dropped maybe five(ish) mobile MMOs in the last couple weeks because work has been abnormally slow. I like empire building games because I can totally log off on the weekend and not worry about it, but then nolife at work. Still, most of them boil down to “build a thing to make more money to build another thing until you uninstall” and this one’s not really exceptional but it’s better.

You start in a safe system with a station and not much else. You’ll spend a few hours learning the ropes and upgrading everything that can be upgraded in under 5 minutes (which enables you to instantly upgrade for free). After that you can join an alliance and jump your station into an alliance-controlled system.

From here the game gets promising; new players are placed on a server that is only a week or so old, so you’re not surrounded by guys who can instagib you, which is fortunate because losing shit actually matters. Alliances can build structures for mutual defense and system control, and it’s really important to join one because space outside the safe system is super-hostile. Ship design is very reminiscent of (erm like identical to) Stellaris, as is the galaxy layout and movement/combat, except everything is slowwwwwer. For a mobile game it’s surprisingly good-looking.

My only complaint so far is that the game corrals you toward in-app purchases by imposing exponentially-growing upgrade timers; your level 4 starport upgrade takes a day and a half, which can be breezed through via speed-up items that you’ll acquire during the tutorial period, but the level 5 upgrade takes literally a month, during which you can’t upgrade anything else on your starport.


my complaint is you are telling me about dumb phone games


My favorite thing about this game is how grossly inadequate the Achievement rewards are. For example, when you first lose 5 destroyers - which cost about 33k minerals apiece - your reward is 500 minerals.

They also cost loads of crystal, which, as the thread title suggests, does not come easily. There’s no way to substantially upgrade your crystal intake, either.

Also yes this is a dumb phone game.


is this like ogame, but in phone game form?


It’s like Dark Souls but in space

Also the game features a built-in text translator and it’s been localized for Russian and Chinese players so half of the global chat is full of incredibly badly translated threats

It’s amazing


Game update: Still insufficient crystal.


This sounds fun for a few hours and then grindingly awful from there on out.


Guys, it’s basically Stellaris.