Overwatch, the latest casualty of Blizzard Balance


To celebrate the new forums, the birth of Jesus Christ, and my lootbox with the owl Ana skin in it, throw this up on your big screen like I did - Yule Log featuring Jeff Kaplan


It’s an ok game folks


well this happened:


nerf mercy


it’s going to happen

I don’t want it to happen


Honestly delete mercy from the fucking game


But then how would r/healsluts jerk off


Do you really want them jerking off to other characters




oh baby i get to grind my way back up to diamond. it’s been a real shit show of a day playing this stupid game. VERY PEEVED i am sitting at 2750 coins and will probably not be getting the ana skin.


Placed 3214 after going 7/10 with 5 wins to start off


literally have no moved in SR all day. win one lose one.


boy this game is back to being 100% awful


just go back to being mad at dota instead


i actually tried that the other night. i abandoned the game after like 10 minutes.


if i play the game and the game is always awful maybe i’m the awful one???


probably both tbh


you made the mistake of palying comp instead of just playing chill ow with us


i literally played this game like ALL day. didn’t move MMR, got like 100 coins, and still no ana skin. now i know what it feels like to be a blizzard fanboy. my entire life is ruined.


tfw u carry