Overwatch, the latest casualty of Blizzard Balance


brisket is dropping tomorrow




Holy fucking shit. I applaud that woman.


Blizzard always makes me play against Plats when I want to play against GMs so I can actually get better

send help


im playing the tiniest violin while we play against golds and low plats on a good day


Had to clear my keychain today due to some pw change IT fuck-up, and I read all the way through this thread (about which I don’t care: I only read because my brain demands there be no unread threads) before realizing my cache had cleared and I wasn’t logged in and my position wasn’t saved :@


I’m going to link a bunch of Brigitte clips and you can’t stop me:


i played a bunch of death match last night and it was literally 4 of her in every game at the bare minimum. she is not fun at all to duel against. it’s even more annoying when 3 of them are all whipping their flails around at each other and no one is fucking dying.


Looks like an epic flail.



ok this is really fucking good



adjusts glasses

Pretty decent Baguette play.


boosting brisket is a good call imo


https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/leaving-game-when-seeing-defeat-or-victory/48677/7 I KNEW IT


yeah i don’t bail early because i care about getting into queue again. i bail early so i don’t have to see some dumb shits in chat get mad or see some deadass weak potg and upvotes.


Who are you and what have you done with our friend?






also I’m working on a really dumb clip video of me murdering tracers

I get 2-3 per QP game (the highlights feature only lets you store 3 per match)