Overwatch, the latest casualty of Blizzard Balance


new champ pwns


still #1 dva na


5 gold medal potg but its kinda underwhelming


underwhelming potg


this one was pretty ok


philly has a team
pittsburgh doesn’t

that’s why this game is fucking trash


There are 2 LA teams but no Chicago team


I bought 5 skins for Mercy


Chicagoians use real guns not anime guns


2 LA and 3 cali teams right?


west coast best coast


When will California finally fall into the ocean???


not soon enough


i think i’m getting to be ok at this champ


do u have any idea how frustrating it is when you’re moira and you start a coalescence at your dva and she immediately ults


me irl




figured out the buff i want to ana: she heals when she lands a shot (but it doesn’t build ult charge so you can’t just hit the same person at full life over and over). doesn’t even have to be an insane amount but like 10-15 would be so good. or maybe it starts off at like 5 and then goes up +5 with each shot landed after the first.