Overwatch, the latest casualty of Blizzard Balance


I need it


as if you needed more reasons to masturbate to the women in this game




As if cosplay wasn’t already the best part of this game



played this game last night

blizzdrones still take it beyond serious if you insult their mental capacity to left click on a hero


telling a widow that they suck or asking them to swap is the equivalent of lighting their dog on fire


blizzard should just mute you if you pick widow or hanzo tbh


it’s been real fun doing QP telling a bunch of people they’re trash at whatever hero they’re playing and then when they respond tell them it’s just QP and to stop taking it so seriously


Yeah, but you do it to the people in your stack too. It is very hurtful.


i never said i discriminated


just want to remind everyone a patch is dropping today and the mercy nerfs are still not in the game but SOON also junk rat is still an untouched menace great patch blizzard take more of my money for OWL skins and loot crates1!!!


hanzo still has simpl calculs so lol


i’m also pretty disappointed in you guys for not taking the day off to play the new map. like wtf are you even gamers???


fake gamer here checking in


I had to go watch my gf’s kickboxing tournament


How does it feel to be the living embodiment of a joke?


it’s spelled m e m e



hold on i’m gonna find a play a potg where i press q and get kills