Overwatch, the latest casualty of Blizzard Balance


whoops i don’t have any because i get POTG through pure SKILL


real shit


aside from the last game it was a pretty fun night of overwatch




its a fucking curse that ana gets one of the best potg animations in the game this patch

and she never gets to use it because nano credit goes entirely to the dps


play my heart out, be on fire for half the game, and then lose. fuck around and just say LMAO GG bunch and win. fuck overwatch comp.


playing comp


playing a blizzard game other than sc


holy fuck why is everyone retarded


i ask that question in pretty much every match i play




Have you tried getting good


i played 7 matches. lost all of them. had 2 that started off good with my team taking a quick advantage and then someone would abandon on the other team. reallllll good system blizzard.


you know what must be the most fucking fun thing in this game?

picking widow on attack and getting countersniped the whole match, starting from the spawn doors opening

must be why so many people do it



It’s okay but the real payoff is ulting while your whole team is dead



I assume they did kill the mercy… so worth???


hey guys check out this really good potg i got



tfw u set up a good ult