Overwatch, the latest casualty of Blizzard Balance


I went hyper tryhard and hit 3399 in comp and then ran into 2 symm one-tricks and two teams who refused to play tanks.

I managed to win 2 more after that to end at 3340 for the weekend.


what role do you play? i feel like if i just locked 76 every game i would climb easy but i just go support or flex tank and hate my life. grinding out of plat AGAIN is just the worst.


well you see
I’m the cancer




overwatch is honestly only enjoyable because it runs so fucking well on my computer

constant 150fps(cap that shit) on max settings on a 144hz monitor

also people are awful and hitscan fps is getting more rare :weary:




mercy nerf finally went live now I can uninstall in peace


friendship with mercy over

new best friend: maria


bad news about mccree




mercy was overnerfed for sure

she is completely mindless and boring to play now with relatively low value to your team compared to ana or moira


I wasn’t joking about uninstalling


oh look my comp experience for the last week


im sorry for your favorite champ. jeff should have just taken her out back and killed her instead of letting your swiss waifu suffer


me irl



The entirety of OWL players say “you literally should have never put resurrect in the game in any form”. Then the bold game designers at Blizzard went into panic mode and tried to hulk smash while at the same time trying to keep resurrect in the game for some reason.

Too complicated to think up a new “E” ability apparently.


yeah, rez is unbalanced if you’re in a very high level. the instant rez was fine for everyone diamond and below because it basically allowed a margin of error that could save you a game.

should overwatch balance for pro stuff? i mean it works in games with serious esports communities and would probably work out in the long run, but to me overwatch is a very casual game and might want to consider that.

then again it’s blizzard, who can’t balance themselves out of a paper bag.


They ruined PvP in World of Warcraft chasing a stupid e-sports dream, so I think you can predict which way they are going to go.


it was originally not even going to have a comp mode at all and they added it only after beta players demanded it