Overwatch, the latest casualty of Blizzard Balance


god damn it blizzard


placed top end of gold lmao



have you considered getting good


I only play doomfist and genji and attack torb while saying lmao gg and I’m not convinced the earth is round

Not sure I can get much better. I’m already at the peak.


it’s a very fun way to spend your time playing this game. my favorite is when people go “do you have that bound?” or “is that all you can say?” and i just answer with LMAO GG


excuse me sir you say “LAMO GG”


excuse ME he also says “LMOA GG”

here’s a relevant image i think about whenever he does



everything about this guy does nothing but elicit disgust from me. i feel like his vocabulary is entirely game developer buzzwords.


when will jeff come fucking kill me


featuring leetcheese also pressing Q


no lie it was hype


ctf comp mite b kool. you can get comp points too so maybe this would be a good alternative to playing the slog that is traditional 6v6.


time to get better at sombra lucy


extremely unsure how I feel about this set of changes


making it rain mercy/pharah combos out of the sky

knocking genji off walls

sign me the h*ck up


streetpig is my favorite champ


watching some random overwatch stream and the enemy team has two guys named “BONERPAIN” and “SAMIAMGAY”


hanzo is still garbage and i want this champ GONE