Overwatch, the latest casualty of Blizzard Balance


great another melee character that gets blasted down by the other 9000 projectile characters before they can hit any buttons. amazing design blizzard.


my buff waifu


I already called dibs motherfucker


i had to watched an hour long video of jeff stuttering and gesticulating like a spazz for him to explain what this new hero was. i’m watching a stream of someone playing her right now on the ptr. looks ok i guess. not something i am jumping to play like i was with moira or ana.


She thicc


“We think she also adds a really great fantasy for a lot of players”



fuck a melee hero fam


i’m 100% convinced this guy is a pervert


also where are the skins???


this champ looks fun

not really melee, its more like a cone


wide short range swing that does butt ass damage and a hog hook that pushes back instead of pulling that does slightly above butt ass damage. she’s looking weak AF.


apparently the heal is very good


her ult is pretty clutch but her heal means she has to be hitting stuff but if you’re hitting stuff and your team isn’t killing shit you die. so basically she is the anti zulu support because killing things is literally the bane of our play.


did my placements for season 9. i went like 7-3. 3 losses were seriously just people picking bad shit and not wanting to switch. ended up at like ~2600. played two games after and am up past ~2700. guess i’m grinding back up to diamond.


Mercy/Brigitte main by the way




i should learn mccree


people not realizing that the flash bang is AOE and you can just toss is somewhere that isn’t DIRECTLY at an enemy is how i know 99% of the idiots playing this game are hot trash.


also like to point out that the things happening in this video will never happen in games we play. i will never get to 1v1 a genji in a tight room because he would be too busy killing all of you while i’m off flanking getting dog piled by the enemy team because you guys can’t aim.