Path of Exile: War For The Broken Uniques


Latest updates:

VD is still too strong, even after a unique mod was nerfed in an update, but this still caused a titanic eruption of tears from people who literally blew 50+ exalteds on gear to make VD twice as overpowered.

Dark Pact is still too strong.

Cyclone is pretty good.

I have too many belts.


Also I don’t even identify non-Stygian belts anymore because why


when you can get tri-res + life + a socket to get some kind of flat damage there’s literally no reason to pick up any belts. it’s ridiculous how GOOD the abyss belts are.


Personally I’m finding the %chance to gain phasing on kill to be the most hilarious, if you get like three or four of them you will literally be running around with phasing like 90% of the time.


I’m a raider so I already have phasing >90% of the time.

I finally ran into a Lich this weekend (Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless) and that fight is some full-on horseshit even in a low level map. I was using a kind of crummy weapon at that point though. Also cyclone means you don’t have so much control over not stepping in his traps. I think they might also heal him? Something heals him and it’s really not clear what it is.

Overally I’m not really a big fan of Abyss. But War for the Atlas is :ok_hand:


lich fights are kind of cool. it’s easy to RIP on them though. you have to be SOMEWHAT geared with a decent weapon at the very least. just like the monsters from the cracks the lichs are stone cold badasses.

mathil has been doing glacial hammer jugg using brightbeak and holy FUCK does it look fun. i don’t know what kind of end game he’s pushing but he’s cleared red maps with it. it looks super easy to do. i’m only somewhat hesitant about having to do jugg ascendancy instead of zerker. i’ve done eq-jugg before and it felt kind of poopy comparatively. we’ll see though. i’ve kind of stopped playing this league and have been playing other games.


Beastcraft a portal to the Spirit Lands


You beastcraft at the Blood Altar lmao


beastcraft my interest because i’ve been trying to grind through abyss league to get my challenge cosmetics and it’s a real fucking chore


Holy forking spectral shield throw batman


alright i watched the trailer i’m hyped


7.1k hp and almost over 300k dps and i can’t beat red elder. literally get one shotted. what a terrible fucking fight.


lmao when i complain about this game and then 20 minutes later beat the thing i’m complaining about. fuck red elder. i ended up getting the most expensive drop from him too. owned kid.


Ahh I see you tried getting good


These ascendency reworks WEW.

Think I’m gonna start with a bladefall totem Scion (Hierophant/…assassin? trickster?)



i’m doing tectonic slam jugg with the aim to get facebreakers


Poet’s pen dropped from the brine king :toot:. Before today I didn’t even realize my loot filter highlighted actually good uniques differently lmao


then i immediately got a second from the “unique wand” beastcraft

guess I’m switching to a poet’s pen build


got my zerker to 75 and toed into yellow maps. not liking the rage mechanic at all and taking 10% more damage feels so awful. switching over to frostblades raider. i just want to go fast and hit things with a sword.