Path of Exile: War For The Broken Uniques


Started a Frost Blades Scion.

Guess what? Scions are pretty awful without an endless fountain of eyeballs to pop into slot passives.


But yay for getting a GG quick flask at like lvl 10 lmao


her ascendancy reworks arguably make her really strong end game but yeah i can see how she’s garbage until you’ve got good leveling gear.


Yeah I’m gonna grind up a Marauder so I can collect gear and loot before grinding something with teeth.

Also the Beast crafting system is neat but muhgawd it’s a pain to pick up every small weapon, flask and jewelry just to have enough scrolls


Holy fuck these “new recipe” notifications are turning me off on this league real fucking quick

Do they stop clogging up your screen eventually or is it like this all the way to maps


pretty sure they made it so you can turn them off in the options menu. think it might be under UI.


also this league eats serious amounts of ass. these red monsters are so fucking bullshit. i’d take the abyss shit over this any day.


Turns out you can disable the notifications through the Notifications tab.

The bullshit Bestiary mods are bullshit though, like, hey, how about you fight this and whatever else is around it with like nine different AOE and mass projectile spam effects going off at the same time, doesn’t that sound like fun?


i’m already sick of frost blades raider. i forgot how basically everything one shots you unless you have stupid good gear. so like not even a week into this league and i’m already done thinking about putting it down. wew lad.


Gave Tectonic Slam a whirl. It’s not awful, but it’s not as good at crowd control as Sunder or Molten Strike/Ancestral Call and does pretty pathetic single-target damage when you don’t have an active source of Endurance charges (since it sucks those up for extra damage). It’s basically a higher damage Ground Slam.

It’s also problematic that it consumes Endurance when any build that generates would probably rather keep them for resists/Immortal Call. The build seems to be rolling through A4 just fine, but I have no idea how it’s going to hold up against things that can one-shot.


started leveling a scorching ray trickster and then immediately stopped because SR feels like complete ass until you level up enough to slot support gems. i’m thinking i’m just gonna do slayer or champion dual wield reave. gladiator looks super underwhelming now.




doing cruel lab at level 46, wearing only a tabula, with 2k life. i’m at the third trial.


lmao flawless run until the third trial. fuck lab and fuck this game.


Reddit mad


this league is straight dookie but anything that makes reddit mad gets a thumbs up from me. great work, chris.


Swapped out Tectonic Slam for Sunder because Sunder literally does higher DPS with no Endurance than TS does with five Endurance.

What a shit skill.

Also lmao

No rollback = I’m done with the League.
The recipe stays disabled = I’m done with the League.
The recipe becomes so rare you can only expect to use it once every 100 hours = I’m done with the League.
Not gonna farm my ass off for 2 weeks straight to afford something someone created 40 times in a single day.


yeah t.slam is super doo doo. sunder really is the best skill in the game. it’s a real shame i’m bored AF with it. it’s super comfy to play but i’m just snoozing hard right now on this game.


Yeah TS needs a balance pass if it’s going to be comparable to anything. The greater aoe per Endurance is a joke, it just widens the impact but it doesn’t hit things behind you, Multistrike forces it to chug 3x the Endurance while Endurance on Stun still only procs once, and Ancestral Call doesn’t link. So it’s pretty pointless even with a 6L.

I know Sunder is gonna bore me too so I’m rolling a Shadow because I picked up a fucking brutal dagger yesterday that will definitely push him into maps.


Turns put with Despair (the new chaos curse) Viper Strike is reasonably stronk, esp with Faster Attacks and Lesser Poison. Since Poison builds on both phys and chaos damage you can still build physical and hoover crowds with Frozen Blades and push shit in with Viper Strike.

I’m rolling for Mind Over Matter which will hopefully give this a non-shit tank.