Path of Exile: War For The Broken Uniques


yellow elder down. only died 1 time in the first phase but after that crushed him easy. reave crit champion is disgusting.


Fun fact about molten strike, the unique crimson jewel that adds two extra projectiles can actually be used twice on your tree, which, with Ancestral Call and Multistrike, gives you a fucking hilarious 63 projectiles per attack against a group.

I’m grinding through A5 stupid fast.


(doing okay) man tukahama is gonna be mad easy
(double mod beast spawns in tukahama’s room) ah what the fuck


molten strike is probably the best skill in the game right now. you can literally fill your screen with molten balls it’s no joke how good it is. it’s stupid easy to scale.


i was pretty mad last night. i failed a phoenix thanks to stupid fucking map mods, a red beast i couldn’t even see on my screen because of how much SHIT was overlapping, and getting the worst fucking tempest in the map thanks to a prophecy that didn’t activate until like 5 maps after i silver coined it. i also failed 1 out of 3 minotaurs. i was not feeling good about my time spent playing but i’m back today fresh and crushing t15s.


Picked up my first 5L but ofc it’s evasion/es so basically pointless for now


i’ve died to red beasts more than anything this league. i’m actually so sick of getting them in my maps and now GGG is making them more common and giving them more health. fuck out of my face with this shitass league already.


but according to Reddit they never appeared in maps before : )


the confirmation bias is strong because it feels like i get one red beast per map right now


At least reds have pretty sweet drops now, I feel like I get a Unique on every other one I kill.

Also should I grind for a few Oni-Goroshi y/n


no. just buy it. the time to farm it was last league. unless you’re looking to devote 10+ hours farming strand don’t go do it.


K cool

I got my first 2h 5link weapon drop yesterday and crafted it into something decent, once again this game is easy except Doedre killed me once but wtf are you supposed to do about a boss that literally covers the map in AOE blasts


just crank that wheel on her cauldron to clear the debuffs.

i just had a 6link staff drop and i’ve got a bunch of white 5links sitting in a tab i should probably sell.


Yeah I just read about the fucking crank, apparently I’ve been trying to facetank Doedre with a double damage taken debuff lmao


red elder down. felt really easy??? don’t know why.


bricked an uber atziri run AT atziri to dumb shit. really wish the end game was more dynamic and challenging instead of just “enemies do bigger numbers to you”


Man A8 and A9 are fucking dumb unless you enjoy backtracking through areas you already cleared and dead-ends


Made it to maps.

I think I have the most perfect non-unique flask setup ever. Two health with staunching/antidote (I usually chug both whether I’m bleeding/poisoned/corrupted because I can’t remember which does which), an elemental resist flask with thawing (so I’m immune to chill/freeze for like 7 seconds which is plenty) and a stibnite flask with curse immunity (again for like 7 seconds which is great for hexfont and other annoying mass curse afflict mobs).

Shit’s pretty easy when 95% of the stuff that normally kills me can’t. I don’t think I’ve died on this character yet. Molten Strike is bamf.


flash back league starts in roughly half an hour. not sure what i’m gonna do. reave/BF champion feels amazing on budget gear but i’m kind of burned out on it since it was 95% of my playtime this league. might do some kind of deadeye ST. still not sure what build to play.


Just roll something fun that will get you up to at least A5, get the unique passive slot jewel for something you want to build, faceroll.

You could go FB until Molten Strike, f.ex.