Path of Exile: War For The Broken Uniques


heck off. melee is gonna be YUGE this patch. (not as good as traps tho). lacerate, EQ, ground slam looks super not poopy. sunder is ALWAYS good.


I’m moving next month and hopefully getting my computer set up to grind some hours off my life


in case you’re like me and only remembered you need a character name with 8 minutes left to league start:


hacker voice “I’M IN…QUEUE”


im downloading this

this is my 3rd time, hoping it sticks tbh



i really want to make a character named AIDSFART


dang this league mechanic is sick


Melee is good because you’re generally going to have the health necessary to facetank stuff, so unless you plan on dying a lot to learn what to avoid and how, melee is the way to start.

Melee is also not good because it’s very gear dependent and when you get into maps you’ll find yourself outclassed unless you do a ton of grinding, crafting, or trading.

Ranged builds are more likely to get stuck on early bosses tho, esp Kitava.


Should be noted that there’s a couple ezpz non-melee builds (flame totem templar, contagion shadow) that can breeze through the game but don’t feel particularly rewarding even though you’re steamrolling


i got a tabula rasa or whatever

im following a build for a totem dualist thing. just using sunder rn because i dont have that passive that lets you summon 2 totems yet


Good, tabula is a must have for starting anything, esp totem builds

Kinda sucks that you pigeonholed yourself into duelist tho because the double totem node is on the north side of templar which is like 20+ nodes away from the periphery of your tree

E: maybe you meant dual totem templar lmao i’m dumb


nah it’s dualist, i got my dual totems and it’s fucking cash money

killed kitava or whatever first try


Templar also gets a totem ascendancy that allows 5 totems but nerfs individual damage so you just spend a lot more time casting and a lot less running around

I’d just say grab elemental damage instead


yeah if you legit want to go full totem character it’s better to go templar (or marauder) since they both have ascendance that make the best use. their starting points on the trees make it very easy to get the totem nodes compared to the other classes as well.


idk i picked this build because it seemed pretty low budget

it’s goin rly well


If you’re having fun then have fun bruh




really sucks to hit tyrannical TWICE on a shaper mace when all you need it for is an offhand


so far this league i’ve gotten:

3 exalts
1 belly
1 kaom’s heart
3 corrupted 6-links
3 haemophila gloves
1 wise oak
1 abyssus
1 kaom’s roots
1 shroud of the lightless

and i haven’t even hit t14 maps yet.