Path of Exile: War For The Broken Uniques


Too bad you didn’t manage to get:


E: I am also trash at this game


how’s the double strike champ?

i rolled a BV ele and it’s fun but I need items :disappointed::disappointed:


just got to act 9

i rly need life and resists lmao. can I kill kitava with 2.5khp and bad resists? who knows


The stupid thing about kitava is the multiple aoe damage over time abilities that will easily rip you unless you’re extremely noided

STR builds have more time to get out but others have to basically move 90% of the fight

Totem builds don’t count because they can cast and bail 4ever


also i have to do the lab before the last one (cruel??)

I’m real scared of dying so I don’t even do the extra rooms. just gimme my skill points


i rly enjoy mapping

should i bother trying to complete the atlas? or should i move towards shaper until i just cant do that tier anymore


I always rush the labs just because I wait until I’m like at least six levels over and by then the loot is pretty worthless

You get way more loot in maps anyway and you can portal out unlike labs


where are the labs?

i havent done merciless yet


Yeah so you actually have to find the merc lab portals or whatever in maps which takes for fucking ever


oh that’s for the last one right? I haven’t done the level 68 one yet

i really need a rare 6l chest(and some jewelery) still using tabula and I’m pretty squishy


me: why did my loot filter freak out over a mana flask

also me:


Nice m8

Also I’m setting up my computer finally





im doing arc trapper later tonight


delve starts in like an hour or so. gonna start with the chieftain BV again because it was hella good and fun and barely needed any good gear to hit yellow maps.



charged dash is pretty fun and lazymode for the node defense parts of delve so far - draw a path around the spawners then just hold right-click until the loot drops




I mean there ARE tittay monsters which count I guess