Path of Exile: War For The Broken Uniques


templar always got his balls hangin out his skirt


i always go “oh man i want to a cyclone build”. then i pick duelist and then i go “ok well do i go champion or slayer” and then i go “ok why would i use cyclone when i can just use sunder?” and then i end up not doing a cyclone build because the skill fucking sucks and there’s a garillion better melee skills to use.


Not being able to use Cyclone effectively until you have really good mana recovery, movement, aoe and other shit means you get it at lvl 28 but can’t really use it until lvl 45 or so.


Just started mapping and pushing delves since I started late due to being away.

Tried out bv heralds and it’s pretty fun. Gonna get 300 delve then probably do an alt.