Path of Exile: War For The Broken Uniques


templar always got his balls hangin out his skirt


i always go “oh man i want to a cyclone build”. then i pick duelist and then i go “ok well do i go champion or slayer” and then i go “ok why would i use cyclone when i can just use sunder?” and then i end up not doing a cyclone build because the skill fucking sucks and there’s a garillion better melee skills to use.


Not being able to use Cyclone effectively until you have really good mana recovery, movement, aoe and other shit means you get it at lvl 28 but can’t really use it until lvl 45 or so.


Just started mapping and pushing delves since I started late due to being away.

Tried out bv heralds and it’s pretty fun. Gonna get 300 delve then probably do an alt.


New league in a few days, I’m hopefully gonna get to endgame for the first time??

(I played beta forever ago, stopped because waiting for Act IV to come out lmao)


Celestial herald effect on herald of purity is very cool


overall really disappointed with the new steel skills. they feel really shitty to level with. hating that i started with these instead of just doing the conc path chieftain that i wanted to do but i don’t want to reroll before i even hit maps.


did hit a tabula in act 3 from one of the syndicate things so leveling is pretty ez


i have abandoned the steel champion at act 10. the skills are fucking garbage compared to other shit in the game right now. i’m switching to conc path chief because i just want to hit shit and watch it explode.


Yeah I was trying the steel skills on my purity/agony guardian and they seemed OK but cyclone is just :ok_hand:. If I had less survivability I might have stuck with them for the distance factor.


consecrated path is flicker-lite and it fucking RULES


I’m playing arc witch cause I’m a fucking baby


as long as you’re having fun zapping stuff i won’t shame you


If anyone deserves shame it’s me for using a bismuth flask cause my resists are horrible.

I got a T3 sacrifice room in my temple, but I’m afraid to run it until they fix the bug.


i want to delve so bad but i’ve got the cart bug so it’s a pain to constantly log in and out.




i’ve swapped out consecrated path for the reworked tectonic slam and it feels 1000% better.


i kinda wanna play but i wanna do something like double strike or just something that isn’t totem and is different than blade flurry



double strike is basically THE melee skill right now. vaal double strike DPS hits insane levels with even average gear. arc is probably the most popular thing right now. you can self-cast or do totems. winter orb looks to be REALLY OP too.


apparently the new armageddon brand is supposed to be really good too. basically melee sucks just play spells.