Path of Exile: War For The Broken Uniques


also i’m here to say i might be trying some kind of witch shit out here soon.


2ex and like 15 divine orbs this league already. still tectonic slamming shit but i’m about to hit tier 10 maps and the damage is starting to feel very poopy. i spent my 2x on a loreweave so i’m basically set for a large amount of builds for the rest of the league. i KIND of want to do some RF build but it looks like it’s kind of tedious to level. now sure yet.


hello thank you for continuing to read my path of exile blog. during my quest to make tectonic slam not poopy i managed to find a 20% quality ice crash gem. i have now created a new character and am going to do an ice crashing juggernaut. the itch to tectonic slam still plagues me because it is actually a very fun skill but i’m hoping this does better. i have high hopes.


i have found a scion ice crash build that does more than 3m uber elder dps. i basically have the currency to buy all the gear except for the rings right now. i think i’ll see how my jugg does before trying it though.


bricked this in the temple :slight_smile:


im so sry


all I need is an elder ring with 100 life and double resists and an open suffix

apparently hard to get lmao


I’m obsessed with making new builds

the best way to make dosh is to not make new builds tho


I usually grind until I find a unique and get an idea for a fun build, then switch over to that.


i am a sheep and only copy builds

usually I like builds that don’t revolve around a unique weapon tho. as an exception I’m doing a CoC cospri assassin rn. sometimes I use unique gear for cool effects tho (hello bisco’s leash)