People still play dota 2


lets see if twitch embeds work


oh fuck yes


I like the new ranked mod.

Calibrated, then lost 4 games in a row due to my team. Finally won one and ranked up.






uhhhhhhh too bad this game is still ASS


6 month matchmaking bans for being rude

rip dota 2


good bit of changes here. still going through the hero changes. guess we’ll have to play a few games to see how it feels.




this is good stuff.

6 mo matchmaking ban LOL


Level 15 Talent increased from +1 Nether Ward Health to +2



Mana Drain now slows the target by 14/16/18/20%

wew lad this is good


Rip BDD for 6 months every 7 months.


Well every 6.5 months.


nah now that there’s actual real consequences to abandoning i’ll just tough out the shit games


alternatively i’ll just continue doing what i’m doing now and not subject myself to this self-imposed torture




Visual Tower Damage

As you chip away at your enemy’s towers—or watch from afar as they do the same to yours—the visual condition of the structures will begin to deteriorate, before crumbling down altogether.

Meteor Hammer:

Cooldown reduced from 40 to 28

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Wow that makes the cast channel 10% now.