People still play dota 2


im gonna try it for sure


it’s pretty p2w though it feels like. guess the f2p hat model wasn’t enough for them.


just looks like a way for lazy rich people to do better at videogames

i don’t mind this as a f2p model, anyone who isn’t ass should know what to build anyway. in a game of 10 people a machine learning model telling you to buy bkb isn’t going to be that profound




i mean yeah it’s nothing spectacular for higher level players and i don’t think it’s going to drastically change how low tier games feel but the information provided in terms of stat, pick, and hero suggestions is stuff that gabe would have tried to implement years ago for 0 dollars but because of today’s f2p/p2w climate he figured he could make a buck with it.


i still think its pretty cool.



these are big changes


TI8 is coming to Vancouver. This is a pretty good birthday gift tbh.


Good luck getting tickets.


At $285 for the main event I will be ok to not.




yfw ppd recruits kyle for optic


EG went undefeated at GESC





CCGs are pretty much the devil when the cards are real. Cyber card games are something else entirely.

You sure?


yes the MTG digital games have been HOT STINKING POO POO and fuck hearthstone.