People still play dota 2


it’s to stop the offlane pulling. you take the first wave completely away from your opponent so their tower gets smashed from the first spawn. it’s stupid and annoying.


last hitting is stupid, you have to time your attacks to not push the lane and get gold


cant wait for them to stop creep blocking, just like league


they’re trying to make offlane hard again


Yeah, if you could effectively stop it I could see them leaving it in place.



not sure what i’m gonna do since i’ve played like 2 games in the last year.


Play a game of Dota is my prescription.


i seriously HATE MYSELF so much that i want to buy this


:frogsiren: NIGMA STREAM :frogsiren:


shroud was streaming dota last night lmoa


Trip report from the Japanese server.

Fairly bad Russians, Taiwanese and one really mad American and I need a new mouse.


Do God’s work my son.


I muted the yank but since the Ursa had a mael and I was playing on hotel WiFi I I can’t really say he was wrong.


eg got knocked out of the major by team spirit 2-0

idk if this team is making it to TI


I lost all faith I had in EG after universe left.


optic is top 4 now at esl and very close to securing a TI invite lmao


lol you need to hit level 255 to actually get this


you need to basically spend $100 to unlock it btw