Pooping At Work: The #2 Zulu Thread


But if you’re paying the water bill does it really count


Also today marks exactly 3 months on the job and I have yet to poop at work or at a client


Depends, can you deduct it from your taxes? Because then you’re pooping on the public dime and that works too


Wow I almost feel bad for the next guy who has to use this shitter


You’re an idiot. Pooping during billable time is the best type of pooping.

Not only are you being paid to poop, but someone is being paid to pay you to poop. It’s poopception


It’s bring your shits to work day and lemme tell you

it’s a big day


Took a break from billing to make a very time-sensitive deposit


moved offices

barely get any wifi in the new bathrooms :frowning:


Aw naw man you gotta shit 'n stream


The only thing better than clogging up the boss man’s shitters is simultaneously clogging up his networks


(extremely chris isaak voice) baby did a bad bad thing


fuck you don’t do this


Honestly I think if I could be responsible for a meme it would be selected screens of Chris Isaak in Fire Walk With Me as a backdrop for dril tweets


He is comedically self-assured in every moment


You ever waited two days to pitch a loaf then literally camped outside the work restroom so you can have the handicap stall with the support rails cuz u know it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

Asking for a friend


Fiber, bro.


It has been approximately 10 months and I still haven’t pooped at work or at a client


Holy shit I didn’t even think about pooping at your client’s work, that’s like… inception