Printer thread


Do you have a good printer or just some awesome pics to show us. This is the thread for that.

So I decided print some pics tonight, mainly to empty some cartridges, but also to jock the machines.

This is a brother versus Canon, you can see the print lines on the left that the brother printed.

All the prints.

Gatekeeping hard. The brother will make pic destroying print lines on the pics as you can see on the right side of the pic. The canon never makes lines unless you apply wrong filters.

Some nice pics on plain paper

Look at the printer head lines on left, wrong filter will do that.

Glossy paper


The canon makes very good prints on plain paper.

Canon with glossy paper and the right filters



Print profile that I find to work on most pics is wide gamut rgb. CMYK profile is us web coated v1.00 canon.

Plain cheap paper, still looks good. Canon spits out standard pics like this in 30 seks.


Used a old frame that I had for my mountain sized monsters.


I have printed like 300 pages in monochrome, the Canon has special ink black for that (it has a normal black color ink for pics), its double the size of normal cart. The printing is almost violent when it spits out 20 pages a minute. Printed a 100 page manual in a few minutes.