Sea of Thieves: Piracy Without Rape or Scurvy


So far it’s pretty funny to read all the people complaining that there will basically be no reason to play this game unless you can level up your pirate and buy better gear that let’s you crush newbs.

What happened to the time where people played multiplayer video games to play the game because it was fun? Does everything now need a levelling up system with unlockable gear?

Rare’s answer is most people play to have fun and for the prestige, and for the cosmetics, so there is going to be some pirate legend shit that basically is something to strive for.


This has never been a thing.


Yeah, I mean, all of us used to play Eve FFS.


No one used to play sonic the hedgehog thinking “man what this game really needs is several abilities you unlock as you progress through a meaningful level and experience system and a selection of well balanced but different equipment choices”


Sonic with meaningful progression is basically Super Metroid


I dig what you’re saying kitchner.
I never needed tacked on progression systems to have fun with a game. I played UT and Quake religiously for a long time, no progression system there.
I play games because the fun is the reward, not because there’s a shiny reward at the end.
that ugly dude from ninfrendo said it right: if the game isn’t fun, whats the point?


I think as long as the game has enough cosmetics that let you obviously brag about crazy achievements (like a solid gold Hull for your ship or something) and this pirate legend system is interesting and people compete to be these legends, I think there is enough reward there to get people motivated to play longer.

I just don’t think you need like 10 different types of cutlass and 6 tiers of ships to drive people to a fun game.


I’ve actually booked the day after the closed beta opens as “working from home” so you better believe I’m going to be a pirate all day and not work.

The good news is they have lifted the NDA for the beta, so I can probably stream/record play sessions so people here can watch. It will probably match my stellaris stream which had a maximum of 1 viewer, and that viewer was probably a bot.


Beta today. Am super pumped. Will be let down. Will cry myself to sleep.


This is the Saucy Sue, tonight she and her crew destroyed 5 other ships, got covered in vomit and salt water, braved a storm, and out ran another galleon. As you might be able to see, shes full of holes.

This is a photo of her sinking because we accidentally shot at her and hit a gunpowder barrel which set off a chain reaction filling her with water.



Kirchner is right in my opinion. My first mmo was a Mac only top view sprite heavy no-stats rpg - Clan Lord in 2000. Everyone spoke in character and community events were actually focused around overcoming some environmental challenge where everyone did their best to play their role and overcome it together. Meta wasn’t a concept back then.


So I was playing with a group of random guys the other night, I streamed it because I’m a loser, and you can see two hours of raw unedited footage below:

It even includes me forgetting I was streaming and leaving it on my desktop for ages.


I tried to use twitch website to create clips of the interesting bits or whatever but it spazzed out so unfortunately you have to sort of skip through it if you find me standing on a ship watching people dig up a chest boring.


Streamed another session and deleted my old video in case anyone doxxes me using the end of the footage because I’m such a popular streamer.

Here’s the new video. There’s some combat 28 minutes in if you want to see us sinking a ship.



So there is a sea of thieves stress test this weekend, I think you can get in by downloading the xbox insider app and signing up to the sea of thieves scale test.

However, they’ve made clear it’s a test of the server capacity and basically they don’t give a shit about the game itself, and as such players need to expect server issues.

If you’re half interested in this I’d advise trying to download the insider app and signing up, if you even only get a short time sailing on a sea on your own, at least it gives you a feel for it.



Will rape and/or scurvy appear in DLC?


Rape and scurvy will only be available via micro-transactions


Some gifs from today’s scale test (both from my point of view)