Star Shitizen: Tanks for the memories




This thing can do gifs with play AMAZING



How much for that tank for my spaceship game?


Logged in eve online tonight, 15 min was enuff. I logged out I was so bored. Almost 6 years since I quit.


I wish it would quote your post when i click reply on it. it’s a low low one time payment of $95, $85 if you pay with real money and not store credit


Star Shitizen: Identity Crisis


Only $95!!!

What a bargain!


This guy is the best. love his work



Planets are in alpha alpha testing, anyone with an account can try it.



Back in 2014 when they announced the $2,500 Javelin destroyer I took out a Payday loan to buy it.

I’m proud to say that I finally finished repaying that loan earlier today.



Every single thing about that post is incorrect.




This actually looks like a slam dunk in CIG’s favor.



We’re outsiders without a complete picture. This is for the completely fair court/jury system to decide.


Cults In The Digitial Age: A Case Study


r/eve top post: Citadels suck more and killing conflict -Vily

r/StarCitizen top post: Check out Croberts beautiful signature on this affidavit


Anyone who ever had any doubts about the /StarCitizen being a CR cult should now have none.


of course it’s a Chris Robert’s cult