Star Shitizen: Tanks for the memories


The only people that don’t realize it is a CR cult are too busy admiring his signature on a lawsuit that is going to torpedo the game.


Don’t worry, guys. Chris has almost got the Falcon Heavy figured out. And once the GIgfactory gets off the ground, with some kickstarter cash infusion, the dream will finally be here.




It’s the gift that keeps on giving


Lol, the mistake everyone makes then corrects 15 seconds later because lol you password is literally right there.





Hopefully people end up in jail at the end of this.


this is legit a scam now. people will see that right???


2020: Donald Trump pardoned Chris Roberts today saying, “I like him. He’s helping us go to space. We can’t do it without him. We really can’t.”


I hate this timeline. That tweet is more likely to occur than me being able to afford a house in Vancouver.


So long as someone writes a case study I will be more than happy with the $40 I spent on this game.