Stellaris: Nuke My Pops Fam


Have you ever wanted to eat a fucking planet???

With Cherryh update coming soon, Paradox is now advertising for their next expansion which appears largely to revolve around planetary mechanics. Now you can destroy planets and mine the resulting field, annihilate all life on its surface, drop nanobots and assimilate all pops to robots, or install a massive fortress around it.

They’re also adding Titans, which are basically EVE Titans. Yep.

Also “mid-game crises” which are just what they sound like.

Personally I’m more excited about the Cherryh update but I like where this game is going.


Another game post stolen from me but I don’t even care because the next patch / DLC is going to be baller.


I may get back this one. A year (two?) after launch, looks like it might actually be a complete game finally.


Honestly now that they’re rolling the important parts of expansions into the free updates I don’t see a reason to dump money into anything except maybe Synthetic Dawn.

I’ll probably buy Utopia if it goes up on sale.


Paradox is dead to me.

Should probably have named this thread “Sins of a Solar Empire 2: Stellaris”

“Let’s go the route of every other mainstream space 4x” and just do lanes.


Hey you know what’s fun?

Being invaded from eight directions because borderless force projection is a thing.


Also they’re nerfing doomstacks so basically the one valid argument against hyperlanes-only is being addressed at least


What’s the doomstack fix? Or did they just copy fleet limit from Endless Space like they copied ES2’s FTL system?


They’re doing three things: Giving smaller stacks a buff when attacking bigger ones, putting a hard limit on how many ships a single Admiral can have in fleet, and reducing decisive fights by giving ships a chance to Disengage when below 50% hull (with smaller ships having a better chance to disengage successfully).

Sounds like the nerf in effect will prolong wars because even when you win™ a fight a significant portion of the enemy fleet gets to go home, repair and reinforce to hit you from another angle or batphone.


Hardcap fleet limits and an underdog bonus RoF bonus that increases the more outnumbered you are.


Well, this would still be possible under the new system.

Also sorry you have to plan a strategy that doesn’t involve easily defensible chokepoints.

That’s the one thing I kept seeing time and time again on those forums that drove me nuts. People saying “the new system increases the strategy.” No it doesn’t, it actually does the opposite by forcing you to use strategies involving chokepoints.


I mean I am not a huge fan of going with the hyperlane only thing but on the other hand I think there’s a lot of stuff in this new update they would have struggled to do without the switch, so basically I’m ok with it. I think evern without any of the DLC it’s still going to be a far superior game to the one that was released.

As to what DLC to bother buying, I think both Utopia and Synthetic Dawn are good for their own reasons, you can play without them but the megastructures and robots from both are great additions.


They’re also not totally eliminating warp; they’re instead tying it to an NPC quest and making it unlockable as late-game tech. This is probably the way it should’ve been from the start.


I think it’ll be a much better system (Endless Space 2 will still be the better game), but I understand why people are so mad. This isn’t just a new feature. This is removing something that was in the game you purchased. Something this big shouldn’t be in a patch. It should be in an expansion or sequel that you can opt out of.


Or make it an option when you start a new game, yeah.


Wait whats this warp tech? I was only aware of lanes, static natural whs, stargates and jump drives which aren’t really jump drives since they only let you ignore crossing a gravwell


Nah I meant jump and stargates


Super excited for the new patch which will totally fix the game and not add any new issues to ruin my fun.


I know people are mad that they’re getting rid of a bad FTL system that doesn’t work and replacing it with a better system that will work better (and that they’re implementing a bunch of other Endless Space mechanics as well) but watching the Apoc stream from PDX, it looks real good. I think I’ll actually play this stupid game again.

Something they are sure to do, eventually, is move all the background civics into a new category and just have background be a choice you make at species creation. Choices that differentiate playstyle are good shit :100: :eyes::fire:


I’m playing this again. Managing an egalitarian democracy is both the laziest and most boring way to win. On one hand, I’m not having to micromanage robots or slaves, on the other hand I can’t declare war so I’m sitting on my hands while one AI who owns half the galaxy eats my allies.