Stellaris: Nuke My Pops Fam


Having a good and fun game as a Dread Assimilator (off-brand Borg.) Main species (robots) are good at energy and science; integrated organics mostly getting tweaked to mine better. I managed to choose something even worse to micromanage than the original slave system. At least I don’t need to worry about food and happiness?


I find myself actually excited for this game and it’s new expansion. Listening to some of the music at work. That part of the game, at least, has always been great.


Attachments have been cut from the game

Thank Christ


I haven’t had any game breaking bugs, but my ship designer is acting a bit jank.


Does yours also have sound problems?


titans are in game

no reason to play eve ever again


is this game fun or what


It’s a great way to distract your hands while you do more important things like listen to autechre’s discography


that is a good thing to do

usually I just program tho


It’s a great game plagued by an engine that slows down to glacial fps in the late game due to handling of potentially thousands of UI objects but there’s ways around this/mods that help.


I haven’t played in a long while. It was mediocre but with lots of potential last I played. Looks like they’ve expanded a lot on it since then, though in true Swedish style you’ve got to pay $4,000 to get the full game.


I don’t have any of the expansion content. Some of it looks nifty but the really game-changing stuff gets rolled into free updates anyway.


Nu Stellaris is a lot of fun


To be fair the only one I think you “need” to get is utopia as it adds the ascension perks for end game stuff. Other than that it’s mostly all stuff that’s fairly situation.


The Dominion sov system works much better in Stellaris than it did in that other game.


Yeah it’s slowly driving me up the wall.


I just don’t spend a lot of time in the fitting window. It’s definitely a new bug that should get fixed soon™


maybe i will pirate it


So a while ago I made the Galatic Federation from Rick and Morty along with a bunch of the other alien races and I have to say I genuinely enjoyed playing as the Gromflomite race I designed because they are militant xenophile egalitarians, and you basically get access to all the fun stuff.

Got through to the mid game, a great khan appeared but only for the dudes on the other side of the galaxy and they didn’t do shit so I lol’d at that.

Then things got super cool because war in heaven fired, and basically everyone in the galaxy joined the unaligned powers federation, so you essentially have the two awakened empires, a fallen empire + a big federation of literally everything else. So big in fact we just won the game.

Carried on playing, won our war in heaven against both awakened empires. I had a 200+ naval cap and I had only two fleets of 25K and 10K fleet power but with insane resources (like 200+ energy and minerals).

Then robots went crazy in one of my allies empires but they were ages away and I was like “Nah they got dis”

That’s when the Contingency triggered, and I saw that their 138K standard fleets were fucking ridiculous. I’ve smashed all my minerals into building as many anchorages as possible to boost my fleet cap and I now have a fleet of about 90K strength. If I hired all the mercenary khan dudes near me I could bump that to 100K. Not even enough to match one of those fleets.

I’m going to play it for a bit longer but my general feeling is that i’m fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.


My first Apocalypse game is Life Seeded. Only the one planet and likely to stay that way for a while, but since starbases are what give you FL, I can do alright. Trying to get to habitat tech so I can remain utterly aloof. Blobbing like mad in the meantime. Need those platforms since I don’t have planets for extra resources.