Stellaris: Nuke My Pops Fam


Seems there’s a bug with driven assimilators- they can get the “domination” tradition but can’t actually vassalize anyone (even after adopting domination, the diplomacy option says you haven’t.) I’m not sure if the bug is being able to pick domination or if it’s that the option doesn’t unlock.


Research and unit and shit now scale based on how many system you own and not colonized planets. Ugh.


Pro-tip, fam, turn lane density down to 0.25 for maximum galactic terrain effect.


It’s wild how much better wars have gotten with this update. Better hyperlane mechanics (have to actually slowboat across the system to the edge you want - although it seems like the non-combat evasion AI wasn’t updated for this), plus the doomstack changes, plus armies not being a micromanagement nightmare, plus marauders…


The game has slowed way down with 2.0. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but the problem I’m finding is that there isn’t very much to do. It’s one thing if you slow the pace down but you’ve added so much detail that it has to be slow or you’d miss things. As it stands, I find I spend most of the early game waiting for my minerals to tick so I can build something. Just watching that pink rock.


This game has finally turned into Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, and i’m ok with that.


Stellaris: Fozziesov is okay, I like how deliberate growth is now rather than spending the early game exploding your borders unsustainably just so you’re not fucked later


Since systems = science penalty i find the early game is still a scramble to grab all the strategic choke point systems. I have been playing a fanatic purifier game with 0.75 lane intensity and I just grabbed all the systems that meant I had several dead end branches that no one else could go down or get out of without entering my space. Thus any empires in those dead ends would be trapped, or I’ve just basically reserved a ton of space.

The AI isn’t especially good at figuring this out yet and expands in a far less efficient manner. Essentially just grabbing systems next to it without prioritising and thinking ahead, but it works.

So your early choices are still gimp yourself on science now but grab a ton of space or don’t grab the space and hope the AI doesn’t claim it all.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that the AI spreads out like butter whereas my empire looks like a neon splatter.

Combat’s also vastly improved - I can’t really underrate how necessary it is that you have to move across a system to jump. I hated chasing around enemy fleets pointlessly, now you can actually get in front of/trap them in pockets.


Unity and science penalties from being bighuge are still dumb. The ideal way to play is blobbing at first, then later abandoning almost all your systems (because single digit numbers of resources are worth less than the science and unity penalties you get from owning the system), which is just dumb. A tradeoff between tall and wide is great, but the optimal play style should never be to abandon huge swaths of your territory to min-max some numbers.

What I do like, however, is that the ideal method of playing now isn’t to blob but to make vassals and tributaries. I think that’s kind of neat. I wish the game did better with that kind of presentation. Like if there were popups talking about decadence or squalor or the decay of your empire because of vast distances between its parts. As it is now, that mechanic exists but goes unacknowledged by the game’s narrative.


So I’m starting to get the impression that this might actually run well on large maps given empires are in control of only a fraction of the assets in 2.0. I have no clue what late-game holds but I’m at the stage where my framerate usually gets sluggish and I’m not seeing it.


I mean anecdotally mine feels better, but it still slows down a bunch.


In the beta patch, outposts cost 1 energy in upkeep. Swedes hate fun.

This update is so fracking weird. Forever the Stellaris dynamic was early game fun, everything less fun and more bland as things drag on, with minor blips of fun in the late game if you’re the sort who likes gouging at your larynx with a rusty spoon. Now the early game is fucking dogshit and you might as well slam that shit to speed three and watch a movie, clicking once or twice a minute to expand your empire at the glacial fucking space that Wiz has decreed as penance for us. Then you hit mid game and there’s actually things to do and the slow travel speed makes tactics matter and hyperlane chokepoints are fun to fill with death star stations and defense fleets.

I think there’s a really simple fix. Make everything early game cost a lot fucking less. 150 minerals for a corvette (which will then cost you approximately 9000 minerals in monthly upkeep) is dogshit. 90 minerals for a platform that will give you 2 minerals a month. Staring at space while you wait for the month to tick and minerals to come in isn’t engaging gameplay. (Maybe it is for Swedes.)


I’ll be playing a game of this with a friend in an hour in case anyone wants to join


Totally. The unit caps introduced in 2.0 don’t even really matter until well into the mid-game, and I’m filling up fleets with fucking Corvettes.


Devs: We converted edicts to a single up-front cost instead of monthly maintenance, because players don’t like picking things that cause them to have negative ticks even if they have plenty of influence.

Also the devs: we changed mineral/energy trading to monthly maintenance instead of a single up-front cost. Because lol.


That one tech that gives you a few edicts that cost energy instead of influence is pretty dope now that building energy is arbitrarily easy with Trade Hubs and stuff


This is the ideal empire body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


If you grab wormholes with no regard for safety you too can execute a double envelopment of the Virgin Stellaris AI


I focused my planets on minerals and food and my internal stations on anchorages. I built 15 habitats supplement my energy. Thankfully I was already 200 years in when I realized how much I just crippled my research and unity.