Stellaris: Nuke My Pops Fam


I really like the changes conceptually, but they need tuning.


Oh yeah, did they ever unfuck sector management?


Edit: since the forum hates gifs longer than 2 microseconds, here is an alternate meme response:


Exalted Priesthood isn’t a good civic, but combine it with Corporate Dominion (which is a good civic) and you become a Megachurch. And playing a game as Salvation Opportunities Incorporated sounds like a hoot of a good time.


The fix for sector management is having 16 core planets brah


OK I kind of understand the whole “entire galaxy turning pacifist and forming a federation and declaring war on me” thing. Kinda too late tho



Mmmm taste that sweet hot nanoload




The Contingency is wrecking my shit, fam.


Serves you right for buying that expansion


I feel like the only reason I enjoy myself when I play this game is the dope ass soundtrack.


This game got a new update. I didn’t buy the Story Pack™ but I did try the new patch. As always, the game plays best when you go in with a specific playthrough in mind. This time I’m doing a life seeded Divine Empire with the plan that I am never going to have one of my pops living outside my home system. This would be much easier to accomplish with robots, with whom I could colonize some mineral worlds, but that would offend the divine, so we shall not.

I ended up in trinary star system, which is pretty neat. Lots of planets around for eventual habitats. I plan eventually to add the Feudal civic so I can acquire vassals who can still expand, to indirectly rule the galaxy from my perfect star system.

Soundtrack is still dope and still goes a long way to the game’s favor.


I wish the game gave less information so you had to decipher aliens or modeled the difficulty of ruling an interstellar empire.



I’m playing this again.

Pacifist/Fanatic Egalitarian works because starbases are now reasonably powerful so you don’t need to stage fleets everywhere. Then once you’re big you can impose ideology on neighbors. It’s pretty slick, albeit a bit boring - I’m gonna have to crank up the difficulty on my next game.


In retrospect tho impose ideology forces you to play Space Police because the pops you don’t kill (eg all of them because you bombard planets with hentai pillows and glitter) eventually re-impose their old ideology and become bad neighbors all over again


Now I want to play a packed game in a tiny galaxy and eat all my neighbors fuck pacifism i wanna be Space Omar