Stellaris: Nuke My Pops Fam


I really like the changes conceptually, but they need tuning.


Oh yeah, did they ever unfuck sector management?


Edit: since the forum hates gifs longer than 2 microseconds, here is an alternate meme response:


Exalted Priesthood isn’t a good civic, but combine it with Corporate Dominion (which is a good civic) and you become a Megachurch. And playing a game as Salvation Opportunities Incorporated sounds like a hoot of a good time.


The fix for sector management is having 16 core planets brah


OK I kind of understand the whole “entire galaxy turning pacifist and forming a federation and declaring war on me” thing. Kinda too late tho



Mmmm taste that sweet hot nanoload




The Contingency is wrecking my shit, fam.


Serves you right for buying that expansion


I feel like the only reason I enjoy myself when I play this game is the dope ass soundtrack.