That thing Ocrum did...


That guy is a faggot who ruins everything, and then gets leetcheese blamed for it.



free sladislov


:frogsiren: Call the cops I don’t give a fuck :frogsiren:


fucking canadians


Day of the Rake amirite?


what is the game
the blame game?


I think Leetcheese should apologize.


i think ya’ll can eat my ass if you think i’m apologizing for shit


So much for the tolerant left.

If you aren’t even willing to apologize for something you didn’t do, then how can we heal this community?


waiting to hear the answer leetcheese


We need to meet in and middle and right past wrongs.

The only way I see that happening is with a Leetcheese apologizing for what someone else did.

And also for what he’s done.

And what he hasn’t done.

Or otherwise delayed in doing, like issuing a timely apology.


centrists get the bullet too


There I go, doing stuff again.

Oh geez…


What did you do now


:commissar: digi for counter revolutionary thought.


Everyone is stunned speechless at this NAP violation.


caring about anything that happens on the internet


none of it is real you fricken goofs


just look away nigga

just look away