The Old Man and the Ree


We’re on an express elevator to hell. Going down.

Greetings and welcome to the American politics thread. Instead of discussing the literal garbage that are the two parties with this system lets discuss the issues facing the system itself. This is for the sake of our own sanity because if you really think the two political parties are really any different from each other in anything other than rhetoric, then you’re dumb.


I’m going to open up this discussion with student debt.

So my girlfriend is in quite a bit of student debt, and since she’s still in school, she’s nowhere near starting to repay it. I don’t have the same experience - I got through undergrad on a scholarship and didn’t continue to grad school - so I’ve only learned about this subject recently, and it’s horrifying.

For example, you can never default on student debt. Unlike a mortgage, auto loan or pretty much any other debt you might take out, it’s unsecured - or rather, it’s secured on your future wages, which essentially means you’re signing up to have your paychecks garnished in perpetuity.

This seems remarkably unfair when real wages are stagnant and salaried jobs are disappearing in favor of “gig” jobs with absolutely no income security. Especially if you signed up for loans in the 2000s when the economy was in far better shape.


i have roughly 33k in debt and NO degree because i didn’t finish. short of me robbing a bank, becoming a drug dealer, or hitting the lottery i will probably be paying these loans off until i die. there’s nothing out there jobwise that would allow me to life the same kind of comfortable life my parents have/had at this age. i will basically have to work 2 jobs until i’m dead in order to pay all my bills + loans + whatever housing situation i figure out. i’d say this is normal for 80% of the people who finish college and come out with a degree of any kind. MOST college kids don’t have grants or scholarships. large majority of the kids 18-30 are living in this world right now. it’s not fun. there’s basically no light at the end of the tunnel. there’s no job security or reassurances that a person will be ok entering into the world post-college.


they deserve it for being millennials


just become a machine get a job as an automotive welding robot


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I just didn’t bother with any real continuing education, did some community college classes i could pay in full and didn’t bother with a degree. Now I make +50k with no debt outside of my condo and car


can one of these two lil bishes push the button already? i’m tired of having to read twitter drama about nukes.




He really does have one for every situation.


Do we know for sure that during 2012-2015 Trump wasn’t actually a time traveler attempting to warn us about the imminent Trump presidency?


a terminator designed to look like trump

he failed


my korean coworker made a “my button is bigger” joke today w.r.t. turning off a data center

Donald Trump made memes real


You know I think this is something we all knew but seeing laid out like this is really crazy


Someone joked that Fox News running War of the Worlds would probably result in an attempt to nuke a town in New Jersey.

I almost want to see it happen to see which adult in the room would stop it. The generals knowing not to nuke New Jersey, or Fox News knowing they cannot run a prank.


Yeah, wow. Had no idea it was that blatant and all-encompassing. Trump is literally your pre-Alzheimer’s grandpa watching Fox News all day. Except Opa doesn’t have the nuclear launch codes.

Do we have SA emotes yet? Because this might be the most :911: thing ever.




Good morning, Mr. President.


And, like, being really smart

This isn’t real


honestly thought it was fake because of that