The Old Man and the Ree





Hitler Youth btfo



i’m honestly surprised that kid wasn’t immediately murdered upon leaving his house. fuck that shitter.


tbf baltimore is a post-apocalypse wasteland with a neat aquarium. nothing good comes out of that place.


The Wire is literally the only redeeming thing about Baltimore and it’s a show about how shitty Baltimore is


basically twitch sotu lmaoooooo




Lmao how is that fucking legal


Hey Badass, start linking some good articles like you did.


Lol holy shit


Did you check this one out


This too


I meant to watch the State of the Union but instead watched this


That was a heart breaking read. I dont know what I would do in that situation. In my mothers last 2 months the cancer had spread to her brain and all over her body. She did not recognize us anymore and was in great pain. We had to feed her as she could not lift her hands. It was with sorrow but also some relief when one day she just stopped breathing. I would not like to see her kept alive by machines. I hope that family gets a mountain of cash for the malpractice of the hospital.


I couldn’t help but notice last night the sharp disconnect between genuine heroes in the chamber – firefighters, coast guard members – and the 535 + 1 people who have spent the last year doing fuck all.


Cutting taxes doesn’t count as heroism?

I think Melania also deserves some sort of award


For looking like the woman in this?