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So the crucial omission here is that Steele wasn’t funded by the DNC; he was funded by Fusion GPS, which itself had been hired earlier in the campaign by a rival Republican candidate and only later by a Democratic figure, which may or may not have been the DNC. The memo states this presumption as fact instead of entertaining the truth, which is more complicated.

The memo also throws pretty much every high-ranking FBI and DOJ official from Comey to McCabe and everybody in-between under the bus for either seeking or renewing the FISA order and goes even further in accusing specific figures of actively attempting to sabotage the Trump candidacy or presidency.

It’s pretty salty stuff folks


The Memo™ also has one omission so giant, not even Zulu’s collective self-loathing could fill it. The Memo™ says the FBI used Steele to support the case for extending the Carter Page FISA warrant. Steele is bad, so FBI also bad. Obviously. The Memo™ just harps on that point a bunch.

But even if everything The Memo™ says about Steele is true, that only taints the FISA warrant if the FBI had no other evidence to support extending it. Which is ludicrous. The FBI had been tracking Page for months already and Carter Page is a certified moron. There is zero chance they don’t have a phone call recording of him effectively saying, “Oh yeah, daddy, extend that warrant forever.” (Paraphrased.)

The Memo™ is the biggest letdown since The Last Jedi.


The FBI had apparently been tracking Page for years


yeah he’s literally been under surveillance for like TWO years minimum at this point.


The warrant renewal in question is either the third or fourth 90-day renewal for page surveillance. So yeah, the idea that Steele was their sole source (and also the implication that the FBI wouldn’t be able to handle a biased or problematic source) is laughable.



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