The Old Man and the Ree


Yeah but wouldn’t you rather pay 15% of $1000 and take the $850 than pay nothing and take nothing



I haven’t actually looked into it too much, but my understanding:

  1. I get 10x $1k RSUs. Say I’m taxed 30%. I need to pay $3k or sell 3 stock to cover before they let it vest.
  2. I get 10x $900 RSUs. Same tax. I can pay $2700 or sell 3 stock. If the prices then rises to $1k, the tax rate I pay on the $100/stock depends on whether I’ve had them for over/under a year.

So it’s better that the stock is cheap so I pay less income tax on it. And then it hopefully goes up, I wait >1y, and then I pay long term capital gains on the delta.


Ohhh you don’t actually hold the stock yet, gotcha.



oh god no


So do you have to salute the combover back if you’re in the military?


So apparently Porter doesn’t even have full security clearance because his wife got a restraining order against him a while back

What an honorable man


That whole situation is pretty fucking terrible–but also entirely unsurprising.

Also, Corey Lewandowski and Rob Porter, Hope sure can pick 'em.



centrist champions abq journal forced to apologize to sicko libs for expressing free speech


ummm excuse me it’s a CARTOON it’s not REAL fricken SJWs ruining everything


Been so much of this on Reddit lately after yet another batch of CP subs got banned. In addition to the usual loli culprits, this time they targeted subs using algorithms to superimpose the faces of underage Disney stars onto porn stars. BRD


I saw one the other week with ScarJo and was like whaaaaaaaaaaat




can’t double quote reply on the new forum fuck this place leetcheese you’re bad at computers.


but yeah the deepfakes thing is seriously cyberpunk future hell. it’s treading super gross territory and immoral use of technology.


Something something ethical consumption something something


get good kid


heh ur a hacker i expect u 2 b able 2 do thewse things


wut about us LAYMEN GAYMERS?