The Old Man and the Ree


Some people say, “Well, there’s an easy solution—just tell the truth.” Casual acquaintance with President Trump suggests that’s not an easy solution to him. I’m not saying that he constantly lies consciously and deliberately, but he certainly says untrue things constantly and gratuitously, in the way that characters on Deadwood swear.



Never talk to cops ever


It will be hilarious if Trump ever has to speak to an special prosecutor during his presidency. Every sentence that comes out of his mouth is going end up being a separate obstruction of justice charge to impeach him on.

And that is assuming he doesn’t brag about a treason.


The only good reason for Trump to talk to Mueller now is to prevent the issuance of a subpoena. Trump in a room with the FBI with his lawyers by his side, that’s a bad scene for him, but it’s a lot better than Trump before a grand jury, with his lawyers having to wait in the hall.


this but unironically


so he’s gonna get subpoenaed then?


Well, I do speak to cops if they stopped my car and for my license. That is as far as I go.

The Icelandic cops dont have guns and are polite for the most part. If you resist only a little when they are taking you in, you will be slammed to ground handcuffed with your arms stretched to your neck and you will have 2 males with their knees on your back. Back in the old days they would beat you up in the station to, but that has stopped since they started hiring women. They wont stand for that shit.


The cops aren’t the FBI though. You don’t talk to the FBI without a lawyer present, period.


It’s very likely if he refuses an interview. The same song and dance played out with Clinton. If Trump’s people are smart, they’ll play with the prospect of refusal to get favorable terms (e.g. questions in advance, we get to answer some in writing, you only get Trump for X hours, etc.)

Trump also wants to keep on this side of a court order because then he can more believably invoke executive privilege. Once a court has ordered something, we’re into Nixon territory.


i agree with your post but feel the need to point out that if trump’s people were smart we wouldn’t be in this situation and would instead be knee deep in dead north koreans


good one


It’s telling that the smartest people in Trump’s squad of goons is the lawyers tho


Trump’s counsel is an interesting issue. He’s rich enough to hire anybody, but he’s an awful client and he’s infamous for stiffing the bill, so he very best won’t take him. He ends up with the gems of the middle tier. That was put wonderfully on display when his hired gun lawyers sent a cease and desist to the publishers of Michael Wolff’s book and comparing that letter to the reply from publisher’s counsel. It was, in the words of that sublime masterpiece Grandma’s Boy, “if like Tyson fought an infant.”


I mean Trump’s entire cabinet is loaded with failsons and former models so if anything his mid-tier lawyers are pretty high up in terms of accomplishment



Of course she means an international alliance of whites but this is what you get when you buy your rhetoric from the dustbin of history


An international alliance of nationalists is still making me laugh.

Its like saying that you’ve submitted the best team to compete in the javelin.

Only one of them is going to trow their javelin the furthest buddy.


Hillary Clinton
US Presidential History



Oh shit, the time lines! They are merging!



We are in both the darkest and dankest timelines (spoiler: they’re both really fucking white)