The Old Man and the Ree


I’m surprised by how much equipment Turkey has lost in Syria. Apparently, some of the units they sent participated in the coup and as a result lost most of their officers and nco.


That coup aftermath shows that the coup was probably justified.

RIP in Piss Turkey.


Not politics, not even US related but I’m putting it here anyway because wew


watching right wing media pundits self-own is the only good thing the internet has ever brought us



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Another school shooting, this time in Florida. 17 dead so far, no tally on the injured.

Fuck this gay earth




No he was right the first time, just nuke us from orbit fam


except there are lots of other places with guns but somehow avoid having massive school shootings


Hence the gun culture :thinking:


I am inclined to think those countries are the outliers. Prevalence of guns and gun violence correlate strongly. The situation makes more sense to me if Switzerland is the weird one (lots of guns, not much gun violence) and not USA.

But I freely admit I haven’t drilled down into the data.


I know wikipedia but gun deaths and firearm ownership rates don’t seem that strongly correlated


they really aren’t

one problem is our culture promotes violence and we have decimated mental health services in the us + stigmatized talking about it.


I thought I had seen studies from WHO or CDC or some other Alphabet Group correlating them. Could be I’m remembering that wrong.

I don’t disagree with anything Leet has said, but I also don’t see a good argument against, say, stricter background checks.


background checks are already rather strict and the vast majority of gun violence is perpetrated via handguns which ironically are the least regulated (but scary ass AR-15 black tacticool guns are the most)


this has got me heated



This is a very good point.