The Old Man and the Ree


Idiot probably started thinking about his family or future. Stupid ass.


Yea what a dummy not sacrificing himself for the children


Sadly, the only one thinking of sacrificing that day was the gunman.


If you are interested in giving up rights to feel more safe you should probably just go to jail instead


Bunch of businesses ending NRA discounts/branding

Maybe you can spell capitalism without dead kids


Wait 'til they find out how many teachers are hispanic


frogposters on twitter got fuckin twisted over this one



Is he a deep state crisis actor


How 2 computer


i watched a vice video from 2016 about a nice millenial buying a gun in canada

you leafs sure make it seem sensible


My dad was able to sell the last of his guns so I do not have to go through the process in order to sell them for him after he is gone.

Very happy about that.



Actual photo of trump’s notes when he met survivors of the shooting. Not pictured: 6) Be human

I know it’s sort of funny that trump let everyone see his notes which includes “remember to tell these victim’s you have heard them”, but I am really bugged by the 45 on his shirt sleeve. What the hell is that?






Our gun laws are retarded.

Basically if it was in action movies in the 80s it’s restricted or prohibited even if by function alone it should be non-restricted.

I can buy a tavor non-restricted or an ACR or a Vz-58, but an ar-15 and an AK are both restricted/prohib.

But wait! Even though all AKs are prohibited, valmet AKs are non restricted! Make sense yet?

Magazine laws are also stupid. So you have your 5.56 stanag mag accepting gun. The legal limit is 5 rounds. But wait it actually isn’t. If they make a stanag mag for “pistols” it can hold 10 rounds and it’s legal to use in a rifle. Magazine law only cares about what the magazine was made for not what it’s used in. But what if I want more than 10 rounds? Well I just buy a .50 Beowulf magazine and run 15 rounds of 556 legally.

I keep my guns on a 6000 acre farm. Thanks to the laws I can shoot my sks and type 97 “assault rifle” anywhere I want on private land legally. Of course if I took the glock out of the vault and shot it on my own land I would be a criminal. Very sensible.


Man Reddit gets astroturfed hard from both sides. Go look at these threads about kids calling out trump. The comments are literal copy pastes with the exact same phrasing’s over and over again.

“I am x about these kids”

“These kids make me feel x”



fuck you empty quote cop