The Old Man and the Ree


“I am horny about these kids”

“These kids make me feel horny

yes this sounds like reddit


Those fucking kids!

is 15






“I can’t believe the Reddit admins banned my subreddit filled with questionable age pics!!!”


Yeah but like, why is it on his sleeve? Is he wearing some sort of uniform? Did he have a bunch of shirts made with 45 in them in case he forgets? Like what’s the deal.


Maybe it’s a nod to the fact the latter time we saw a government with policies like Trump’s it was 1945


You’ve never seen anyone pretentious enough to have a monogrammed shirt? I know some people who have them done on the inside of the collar for dry cleaning but on the cuff or pocket is pretty common


45 is a caliber of bullet. Trump is mocking the deceased children.




Only 45% of the country likes the president. Take that liberals


I had to describe the difference between liberal and left wing to my gf last night

It was one of those “oh shit” moments

It was great


both should be in the gulag





Completely normal political system


I’ve genuinely never seen someone get black lettering on the cuff of a white shirt. Pocket, maybe, but just on the cuff like that? It’s not even next to where you wear the cufflinks.


Not entirely shocking but here’s a Fox News talking head giving Trump the verbal equivalent of a prostate massage


:thinking: :thinking: